www.alpharange.com Alpha Range

Facility Description


State of the Art Twin (2 separate) 26'-0" x 60'-0" x 11-'0" Shoot Bays

Trap Ballistic rating .50 BMG


Pass Holder access 6am - 12am, 7 Days a Week*

Pass Key / FOB Access (*Alpha SOP Training Required)


Action Target Non-Divided Total Containment Bullet Traps

allowing for full cross-range shooting at any distance


Action Target Battle Walls extending 40'-0" from bullet trap

allowing for point-blank firing into range side walls (pistol caliber capable)


99.777% HEPA rated ventilation (running full time during shooting)

All breathing air exchanged every 75 seconds for shooter respiratory health.

- Never smell your gun -


Heated shoot bays; full climate control "clubhouse"


Sound suppressing materials for shooter auditory health


Lighting conditions for training : full light, low light (diminished), & no light


Action Target AR500 Steel Targets on-site available for pass holder use


Various wall panels, doorways, barricades, barrels, etc., available on-site for

pass holder set up / course design


Classroom Area features two 60" LCDTV's for training, range surveillance, & match review


A.D.A. compliant Restrooms


Make-Ready Table + Storage


On-site shed for various prop storage