Health Objectives

Air Quality


ALPHA RANGE is equipped with a 99.777% HEPA filtration system that exchanges breathing air every 80 seconds. Our exhaust air is then exchanged through both a primary and secondary HEPA filtration stage to purify the output. We do not pump lead-ridden air into the atmosphere; air leaving our ranges will be cleaner than the air we intake.


ALPHA is a true "never smell your gun" facility.



Sound Dampening


ALPHA RANGE is equipped with sound dampening materials and methodologies to significantly reduce decibel rating both inside and outside the range.

While firearms are inherently loud, auditory health has been addressed through the following design attributes:

8" thick concrete ceiling with 4" of insulation and sound board

Grout-filled CMU cavity walls to retain sound

PEPP board sound abatement materials on walls and ceilings

Acoustical tile on ceilings and inside frame walls

Frame walls doubling the CMU grout-filled walls (effectively "large" cavity walls)




Bullet Containment


ALPHA RANGE is equipped with non-partitioned Action Target Total Containment Trap systems consisting of inclined and declined planes which channel incoming rounds into a deceleration trap allowing the round to spin down, lose energy and drop into containment vessels. No ricochet or bounce back projectiles are possible. Our Battle Walls (lining the walls from front of the traps to 40' back) can be shot at point blank range with any pistol caliber rounds with no concern for ricochet or bounce back.